Thank you for your interest in Certified BLK, marketing group created to partner with other black businesses to widening each other’s network and customer base.  Certified BLK’s focus is to help keep the buying power of the black consumer in the black community.  When asking African Americans, the reasons they are not buying BLACK, most customers state high pricing, subpar customer service, LACK of KNOWLEDGE.

It is up to each business to control how consumers view the first two aspects of pricing and customer service. Our role is to jumpstart retaining more than the 3% spent by the black community right here in Kansas City. We will like for you to be part of this effort.  Being the catalyst to drive this revolution will not be easy but with effective marketing we can attain a larger percentage of the $500 billion spent by us annually.

What is the strategy and how do we plan do plan to accomplish this?

In short, by pooled marketing efforts and shared resources.  The key thing to remember is this will not happen overnight, therefore we have put together a yearlong marketing strategy. A phased plan consisting of a yearly calendar, monthly promotional flyers/pamphlets, quarterly networking socials hosted at one of our members location, leading up to a consumer discount program like of major retailers.  With much success in Kansas City the goal is to grow to other markets allowing member visiting cities like Chicago or St Louis patronize black establishments in those locations.

What is your contribution to get involved?

As you may know, any marketing worth executing takes capital and this venture is no different.  Instead of blindly spending your marketing budget and fighting the advertisement war alone Certified BLK and other black businesses are in the fight with you. Group marketing has been a long-practiced method allowing small budget companies the resource to reach a larger audience.

In his introductory year we are asking each participant to contribute $500 to establish the investment needed to execute the collaborative plan. These funds will go toward the manufacture of all materials to be distributed to consumers.  Items includes but are not limited to production of calendars and flyers/pamphlets, website maintenance, etc.

With your commitment and our execution, this ground breaking initiative will become not only a local success but a national movement.